Poetry Performances

If all the world were paper – Originally published in The Works 6 – Ed. Pie Corbett, Published by Macmillan. Here I am performing the poem for The telegraph after an exhilarating performance in front of 1500 young students at the 2015 Hay Festival.


There is a free creative writing resource for Key Stage 2 with the full text of this poem at http://www.poetryclass.poetrysociety.org.uk


MISS FLOTSAM – For all at the fab teachers I had growing up and have had the pleasure of meeting as an adult. (Thanks to http://www.poetryline.co.uk)


Here’s a poem to help make you a better writer THE MORERAPS!!!


Want to learn how to spell ONOMATOPOEIA – There’s trick at the end of this poem to help…


I’ve met a few TIMMY TELL TALES in my time…


The first time I dress my self for the first time (when i was about five years old) my mother said to me “YOU LOOK LIKE A RAINBOW!”



I also write plays – here are some clips of plays I’ve written more info on shows I’m currently touring can be found here http://www.wordpeppertheatre.com

Tree Child – A play for 9-12 year olds that toured Leicester Libraries this summer. This was a beautiful project to work on that i found challenging in all the best and enlightening ways… how do you create a engaging hour long play to perform in working libraries without lights or even a stage!

How Long Is A piece of String – A play for the amazing Oily Cart – I co-wrote this with Oily Cart Director Tim Webb.

 After enjoying a sell-out run at The Unicorn Theatre in 2008-2009 the show went on a national tour.

Advice for budding young poets (courtesy of http://www.poetryline.co.uk)