340 kids, 5 schools, one sold out venue at The Times and The Sunday Time Cheltenham Literature Festival.

I was thoroughly moved by Leckhampton school who presented me with a book of Onomatopoeia poems inspired by my Poem of the same name. There is something intensely satisfying about seeing poems that have grown out of 100’s and 100’s of workshops inspire classes that I have as yet never met, feeling hugely grateful to be able to share.

The kids at my reading were great sports creating their own, food, bug and hamster poems off the hoof and some even performing them on stage. They asked some great questions like “What was the first poem you ever wrote?” and “How do you become a poet?” I had my first Waterstones signing and even got to sign their childrens authors board.

If you’d like to get your little poets exploring poetic devices through poetry check out my Onomatopoeia And MORERAPS poetry videos here…

MORERAPS – http://youtu.be/S_txb_C2PlU

ONOMATOPOEIA – http://youtu.be/UN4sHJbgwxQ

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